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In your circle of business, customers are your most valuable stakeholders. Without customers, you might end up making massive losses and or even closing shop. However, many companies don’t see the value of customer support until it’s too late in the process and all customers have run to their competitors. Customer service isn’t such a big thing as many people assume. It is as simple as talking well to your customers, finding out how they like your products or services, wishing them a happy birthday and not failing on your delivery time.

The way you talk to your customers can make or break the customer experience. Smiling when greeting a customer will make him, or her want to do business with you in the future. And indeed, people can tell whether or not you are smiling over a telephone conversation. Also, use age and gender appropriate greetings. Try to be respectful when addressing older customers and avoid referring to women as “guys.”

Don’t forget that your customers take precedence over everything else in the premises. For instance, you should halt all other businesses and attend to customers who walk into the premises within the shortest time possible. Your customers don’t want to hear of your upcoming tea or lunch break. Clear the queue first and if that’s not possible go for breaks in shifts to ensure that there is an undisrupted flow of service.

Never make assumptions about your customers irrespective of their appearance, age or attitude. In other words, don’t judge a book by its cover. You should treat all your customers equally regardless of whether they bring you small or big business. Remember that even a small customer has the potential of bringing you down if they experience unfair treatment.

Excellent customer service also calls for being responsible and owning up mistakes. Inasmuch as mistakes are inevitable in business, customers hate to listen to excuses. Instead, they want you to own up to the mistake and fix it. Statements such as “I don’t know” should never feature in conversations with your customers. Don’t create problems to your customers but instead provide solutions.

Learning to go the extra mile for your customers can turn them into teammates in your business and making a call to know if an order has been delivered shows that you care about your customers. If an item is not in stock, you can offer to order it from another store on behalf of your customer.

Argos UK delights itself in providing above-and-beyond services for its customers. Call their number – 0345 640 3030 – and hear what they have on offer for you.

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