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You can call DHL for shipping help when you have shipped with them or you have a package coming. Most people who are calling DHL need to get specific help for a specific situation. Make certain that you have kept all your reference or tracking information, contacted the company with a list of addresses your packages went to, and any payment methods you have or prefer to use. The DHL team will go into your account, and they will let you know what they can do for you.

Package tracking is the most common service offered by the DHL team because they can tell you where the package is going, where it has been, and the last time it was scanned. This is an advanced system that will give you live information on your tracking, and you must be sure that you have asked the staff if there are any changes they can make to the shipment. There are times when you can change the destination, change the arrival time, or cancel the shipment if it has not left one of their distribution facilities.

You could get live updates on your packages when you know that they are coming that day. The live updates for these packages let you know if the package is out for delivery that day, and you could speak to the company about when they believe the package will arrive. The computer system that DHL uses can give you an estimate of when the package will get there, and they will send you updates over text or email if you have requested them.

The DHL phone number is available to every customer during normal business hours. It is important for the customer to have the confidence that they can speak to a live person. Plus, the company allows people to get emergency care from their special customer service team that works after hours. Anyone who is managing a shipment overseas could contact the overseas division so that they can speak with someone who is in a working office at that time.

Pricing and shipments can be handled by the customer care team over the phone, and they can send our shipping labels for shipments that you just created. You could schedule a pickup because someone from DHL will drop by to get the package, or you could schedule a time to go to the distribution center so that you can pick up or deliver your own package.

DHL does everything you need over the phone because they know that expediting customer care is a very big part of their business. The company works hard to make your shipping as affordable and simple as possible regardless of the destination.

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