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The advent of technology has revolutionized the way we live our lives. It provides convenience in everything that we do and simplifies the tasks at hand. One of the best ways that technology has brought is the ground-breaking enhancement in the delivery system embraced and introduced by one of the biggest names in the transport and delivery industry-FedEx.

Over the years, FedEx has remained a trusted and reliable name in the industry. To provide better service to its customers worldwide, FedEx introduced an effective solution. This solution is very easy to use, and registering is free. Usually, it will just take your name, email, telephone number and street address and you are already registered in the system.

FedEx Delivery Manager

FedEx Delivery Manager is a solution that enables you to request customize arrangements for your delivery, manage delivery locations and times, and monitor your deliveries. Through this feature, you receive notification of all the packages that match your name and address. You can also set the locations of the delivery of your packages. For instance, you would like to have it delivered in your back door or at your front porch.

Additionally, FedEx Delivery Manager allows you to place your package on vacation hold for up to a couple of weeks or 14 days. You can also have your delivery specifically scheduled at a specific time and date. FedEx Delivery Manager also enables you to reroute your delivery to another address for a fee. Interestingly, you can redirect packages without any charge to more than 12,000 FedEx locations.

This is especially useful in cases where an adult-only signature is required. This usually applies to important documents, expensive electronics or gadgets, or wines. With this feature, you can receive up to seven notification alternatives. This includes the day before the delivery notifications, day of delivery notifications, and delivery exception, which occurs due to unexpected delays.

You also receive details when the package is ready for pick up and when the delivery is finally received. The FedEx Delivery manager was launched in 2013 and is available at the app store and Google play store for Android and iOS users. You can also get it at So far, this feature is used by FedEx customers in more than 60 countries and has several million users.

This feature comes very handy since 80 percent of the United States’ population is within five miles of FedEx retail outlet. This includes more than 9,000 Walgreens and over 1,900 FedEx offices, authorized shipping agents, and grocery stores.

FedEx Mobile App

This app is available in smartphones and mobile devices running on iOS and Android. Interestingly, the app is also available on Apple Watch, which offers more convenience and access to its customers who would like to manage their deliveries.

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