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The online retail market has been growing more than ever, and brands across the world are constantly trying to establish their own social media presence and make a name for themselves. Many brands have been working towards expanding in this industry, and one brand that has managed to make big waves here is Next.

Next is a company that has had a rich history ever since it was first established in 1981. The company was developed to be a line of women’s clothing that would appeal to women during the eighties. The clothing offered by the brand was not only meant to look good but was also meant to be affordable and comfortable. Within a few months of the company being established, it saw an incredible amount of growth all over the UK. Within no time, there was a NEXT store in almost every shopping locality, and the customers choosing to buy these products was on a steady rise.

A few years after the launch of its successful womenswear brand, the company decided to go one step further and enter the men’s fashion industry. Soon after this was established, the company expanded the number of NEXT stores that they had all over the country to a sizable amount. Seeing this success, the company leaders took a decision to start up a mini department store in Edinburgh which offered men’s and women’s clothing, all under one roof. This led to the further expansion of the company with their new line of all-inclusive stores that had everything that shoppers would need. The company eventually decided to venture into the home decor sector and started to offer a line of products that were in keeping with the latest trends in home design. The last sector that the company expanded to was childrenswear, offering a range of clothing that was in style, and affordable at the same time.

With the growth of the e-commerce industry, it was but obvious that the next step for the company would be to expand to the online space and start offering their clothing there. The company adopted the idea that one brand could have two modes through which an individual can shop. The company soon developed its online presence and started to gain popularity all over the world.

Today Next stands as one of the leading online retailers in the UK and is one of the go-to places for those who are looking to shop the latest looks and newest trends. The brand has incorporated an extensive collection and aims to always have something for every kind of shopper. Right from clothing to accessories, footwear or even home decor, this is one site where you can find it all.

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